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MagniGyro E Expo 2023

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Opening of the MagniGyro E-Expo

- Beginning April 2023: 'Private Show' reserved for our customers by personal invitation

- From 20 April 2023: permanent opening

- Throughout the year: organised highlights and theme days

MagniGyro E-Expo is a virtual platform that allows you to access and download 24/7, from 1 January to 31 December, all the documentation, videos and lectures of MagniGyro and its main partners.

If no exhibitor is present, you can fill in a form with your requests so that you can be recontacted.

MagniGyro E-Expo is also a virtual exhibition for real meetings.

Thanks to MagniGyro E-Expo, you can make direct contact and have private conversations at any time with exhibitors on the stands via chat, video conferencing integrated into the platform, and register for conferences. You will also have access to an agenda with customised appointments.

Highlights of MagniGyro E-Expo : throughout 2023, numerous events will be organised with the presence of various exhibitors (night shows, 100 years of the gyroplane, exhibitions for our customers, shows for ultralight professionals, ...). Register on the platform to stay up-to-date.

See you soon and enjoy your visit at MagniGyro E-Expo